Your wedding dress is personal. Like your style choice, it needs to match your unique preferences and of course your wedding day too. Finding it can be either a beautiful or overwhelming journey, especially if you’re looking for something a little different. As you embark on the quest to find the perfect gown don’t limit yourself in the places you look for it! Here are 7 places where your perfect wedding dress could be waiting for you…

7 Places To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Bridal Boutiques

This is generally the most chosen method of shopping. Bridal boutiques have many different styles and sizes for you to play the ultimate dress-up. If you have a particular designer in mind be sure to check they stock the designer and dress you’ve had your eye on. Experienced consultants can help guide you through the selection process and offer personalised recommendations too. Some boutiques will also host trunk shows on certain designers and have sample sales too, these events often feature a wider range of styles and may offer exclusive discounts.


There are now lots of options for finding your perfect wedding dress online. These tend to be dresses that have a lower price tag, so if you have a smaller preferred spend this could be the perfect option. Be open-minded yet careful with online purchases. Sometimes what comes through the post isn’t necessarily the same as the beautiful picture online. Check the sizing charts carefully against your measurements, do your research and make sure it’s from a reputable online source with lots of good reviews

7 Places To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Vintage and Preloved

You could consider shopping for a secondhand wedding dress too! Many brides sell their worn dresses online which could be the perfect option for you to get your dream dress at a reduced cost. Make sure you ask lots of questions, for example, the alterations the dress has already had done to it, and ask for lots of pictures, especially if it has imperfections. For vintage gowns that can offer a classic and one-of-a-kind look, do your research in your local area to find out if there are any specialist stores first. There are lots online however there’s a risk that it may not fit and it may not be necessarily refundable so make sure to check policies before you buy. Vintage dresses are much smaller than average bridal dresses so be sure to ask for measurements.

7 Places To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress


Work with a custom wedding dress designer to create a gown tailored to your preferences. This option allows for a truly unique and personalized dress. As a small independent boutique, we love to work with clients who want to create a couture dress that is perfect for them. Our sketch-to-dress experience like many other designers is a journey and labor of love and it’s the perfect way to celebrate your wedding!

7 Ways To Customise Your Wedding Dress

Designer Showrooms and Sample Sales

Visiting the showrooms of specific wedding dress designers allows you to see a broader range of dresses from a particular designer’s collection. This is perfect if you are in love with multiple dresses from the same designer. Keep an eye out for sample sales at bridal boutiques or designer studios too Sample dresses are often sold at a discounted price, providing an opportunity to find a beautiful gown within budget.

7 Ways To Customise Your Wedding Dress


Embrace the growing trend of renting wedding dresses. Renting not only provides an opportunity to wear a stunning gown without the hefty price tag but it is also a sustainable way to shop. Renting, however, does come with a fair few cons. You cannot alter the dress for obvious reasons, so getting the perfect fit may be tricky. There will also be cleaning and damage deposits to consider. If you really would like to rent instead of buying, research it thoroughly and seek out reputable brands with crystal clear policies.

7 Places To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Social Media and Online Communities

Joining bridal groups or wedding forums on social media platforms could help you find your dream dress. Brides often share recommendations, reviews, and experiences, helping you discover new places to find your perfect dress, they may also share dresses they have for sale too.

7 Places To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Remember to start your search early and keep an open mind. Trying on various styles and exploring different avenues will increase your chances of finding the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

If your perfect wedding dress option is going bespoke and you like to discuss your design ideas get in touch to book your private consultation, or you can see more about us and the boutique here!