Overcoming body hang-ups for your wedding day (and beyond) can be challenging but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. I work with many brides and I can categorically tell you that 99% of them have something about their body that they don’t like, whatever their body shape and size.

Choosing the right wedding dress when you have body hang-ups can be a sensitive process, but focusing on the positives and accentuating the bits you do like is what it’s all about because let’s face it, even if a million people tell you how amazing you look, if you don’t feel it, their words are lost. Confidence is key and that’s why feeling a million dollars is worth more than looking a million dollars. Here are some tips to help you find a dress that makes you feel both confident and beautiful…

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Know Your Body Type and Start Early

Begin your dress search well in advance to allow time for alterations and adjustments, this will make you feel more prepared and in control of moulding the dress to suit you and your body hang-ups. Understanding your body shape can help you find a dress style that complements your figure. Different dress silhouettes flatter different body types. Try on various styles to see what you feel most comfortable in. This is where the professionals can help! Whether you’re buying off-the-peg, or made-to-measure discuss the options and seek help when needed.

Choose a wedding dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable…

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Set Realistic Expectations

Expectations are a grey area for me when it comes to finding your wedding dress. Many brides have such high expectations that they are unattainable in many different ways. This could be down to preferred spend, style of dress or an unrealistic vision. Now we’re not dampening spirits but you could be dampening your own and sabotaging the chance of finding the perfect dress! When searching through magazines and finding inspiration be realistic about what you’re looking at. A model that’s been airbrushed, a dress that’s been styled and pinned in such a way that you couldn’t walk in it! The wedding industry has a long way to go when it comes to giving brides a realistic view of how the dress would actually look in real life. Bear this in mind when you’re looking for inspiration.

Practice positive affirmations and remind yourself of your unique beauty and worth...don’t compare yourself to others

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Don’t Fixate on Sizing

Bridal sizing can vary, so don’t get hung up on the number on the label. Focus on how the dress fits and makes you feel, any number on any label should not dampen your vibe. If you feel it, go with it, or, go bespoke and there are no labels apart from your own!

Food for thought…when someone tells you they look amazing, they don’t follow it with what size are you wearing?

Surround Yourself with Support and Love

We all need support, whether that be a supportive and trusted friend or family member make sure it’s someone who can provide honest feedback and big you up for the queen that you are! Moral support from loved ones can make a world of difference when you are dealing with body hang-ups, final decisions and choosing accessories too! We would recommend keeping it to a minimum though. Any more than two people and you could run the risk of too many opposing opinions.

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who uplift and encourage you… and don’t obsess over the unattainable…

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Concentrate On Your Favourite Features

If you have aspects of your body you love, look for dresses that highlight those areas. If you don’t…find them! Your body is one of the main parts of you, and it tells your story. Embrace your features and this can help you to learn to ignore your body hang-ups.

Consider Accessories

If it helps you feel more confident, consider shapewear to smooth and sculpt your silhouette. This can be a godsend for some styles and fabrics. If you’ve fallen in love with a particular dress but it’s not quite right consider how your accessories can make it perfect. Adding a lace overlay or an alternative veil could complete your bridal look.

Your favourite features are your friends and accentuating these will help you feel more confident

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Consider Going Bespoke

Going bespoke is a unique and personalised service meaning that the design and choices are truly up to you. Although in general, it is a more costly process this can completely depend on what type of dress and fabrics you are looking for; bear in mind that having a dress made for you will cut out any alterations cost that you may have with an off the peg dress. When it comes to your body hang-ups work with your designer and make sure they know about what areas you would like to be disguised and what areas you want to accentuate. They can then design something unique to you and your body shape to leave you looking and feeling like a queen!

Find a designer who you connect with on a personal level for your very personal journey

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Trust Your Instincts

No one can tell you how amazing you look if you don’t feel it. Ultimately, choose the dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident, even if it doesn’t conform to traditional norms. Trust your instincts and choose the dress for you, not for someone else or for some other reason.

Your gut knows more than you think… dig deep and listen to it!

Overcoming Body Hang Ups For Your Wedding Day and Beyond
  • Remember… that your partner loves you for who you are, not just your appearance.
  • Remember… that the most important thing is how you feel in your wedding dress. It should reflect your personality and make you feel fabulous.
  • Remember… your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment, so focus on that rather than body insecurities.

So, work on your body hang-ups, don’t compare yourself to others, partake in some well-being and concentrate on feeling fabulous!

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