10 Reasons To Choose A Bespoke Wedding Dress

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 You’re now engaged and the first thing on your agenda is the dress – for most of us it’s the one dress we want to be just perfect! Everyone’s idea of perfect however, is very different, and searching for the right choice requires some research and inspiration! Shopping for your gown is now easier than […]

Successful Wedding Dress Shopping – Our Top Ten Tips

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Wedding dress shopping can be both daunting and overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up our top ten tips to ensure you feel well prepared… and excited about finding your perfect dress! Do Your Research Before you start booking appointments take your time to look at the boutiques in your area. If you know you like a […]

Wedding Traditions- Should You Embrace Them?

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There are many wedding traditions that span over hundreds of years, some which have faded with time but others that have stayed true to their roots and carried through the ages. Most of us include some Bridal traditions in our big day, however not many of us know the history behind them and what they […]